Seth Evans

Chief Executive Officer

Seth founded Big Fish Local in 2015, having already spent 7 years in the web development industry. As CEO, he takes great pride in coaching his talented team to reach their full potential. He is a strategic thinker with his eyes firmly fixed on the future, and although he’s delighted with Big Fish Local’s achievements thus far, he’s always looking for new and untapped opportunities to explore.

Promoting a positive company culture is crucial to Seth’s leadership style. He believes in the importance of inspiring people toward success, and the comradery of the Big Fish Local team is one of his favorite things about the business. He also enjoys the ongoing challenges that come from working on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Seth is committed to his own personal and professional development: he is a self-taught website developer, and he uses his love of reading to continue learning and growing as a leader. Before becoming CEO and founder of Big Fish Local, Seth obtained his BA in Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University. Additionally, he has participated in leadership training through Leadership Clark County.

A typical work day in the life of Seth involves meeting with team members and delivering training sessions. He is frequently in communication with vendors and clients alike, overseeing all processes to ensure they run as smoothly as possible. His overall objective is clear in his mind: to grow Big Fish Local so the team can help more small businesses achieve success in their local markets.

Seth lives in the Springfield area with his beautiful wife Ellie, their twin daughters, and an American Shepherd named Panda. In his free time, you’ll find him reading, playing golf or board games—depending on the weather—and gathering with his friends. Those closest to him describe Seth as a passionate and positive person whose outgoing, joyful outlook is fueled by an open mind and an open heart.

It might surprise strangers to know that Seth is an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church, which is why his ideal dinner party guest would be British cleric John Wesley. However, he also counts Yoda’s wisdom as a guiding influence, and in particular his quote that you should “always pass on what you have learned.” As a leader, this is what he strives to do.
Seth Evans