Sonya Downing

Content Editor

Sonya has been a web content writer and editor for Big Fish Local since May 2023. She has a love of writing and a passion for supporting small local businesses, and her role at Big Fish Local helps her pursue both.

Sonya loves Big Fish Local because her coworkers are dedicated to helping their clients thrive. She deeply resonates with the core values of integrity, improvement, and taking initiative. She also appreciates the way BFL creates a warm, welcoming environment for both clients and employees.

On an average day, Sonya edits everything from blogs to flyers to social media posts, writes content as needed, and ensures each company gets its content on time.

Sonya began her writing journey at age 12 by writing a Percy Jackson fanfiction. After graduating from Taylor University in 2020, Sonya served as a freelance social media and website content creator for several online companies, then transitioned into testing and improving 2 programs at a local food bank. She now works part-time for both Big Fish Local and a local staffing agency.

When she’s not at work, Sonya enjoys listening to Owl City, cooking with her friends, and re-reading Six of Crows with her cat Lacey on her lap.