Thayer McClelland

SEO Manager

Thayer is Big Fish Local’s resident SEO specialist, helping clients to build their businesses by boosting their visibility in search engine results. She transferred to this role in 2021; however, Thayer has been a part of the Big Fish Local family since 2017.

What Thayer loves about her work is that she gets to join clients on their journey and become a big part of their growth. Because the digital landscape is always in flux, she is dedicated to pursuing the ongoing professional development that it takes to effectively navigate these inevitable changes.

Fortunately, Thayer is an adaptable person who appreciates the ongoing challenge that her dynamic role represents. At work, Thayer’s goal is to help clients secure long term, steady success no matter what changes occur in their industry.

Thayer considers herself someone who performs well under pressure, and no wonder! She has 5 children to care for at home, as well as 2 dogs and her family’s chickens. Thankfully, the flexible approach of Big Fish Local allows her to focus on her family while simultaneously pursuing her career goals.

Those who know Thayer best would describe her as a creative, loving, and strong person. When she isn’t working, she likes to perform home DIY projects, read, and cross stitch. Having lived in Ohio since she first moved here from Colorado to attend college, Thayer also loves to participate in outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

Thayer’s ideal dinner party guest would be Golden Girl Betty White. One of the many quotes that inspire her relates perfectly to her work as an SEO specialist: “be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.”

However, an even more practical mantra that Thayer lives by is “put your hair in a bun, drink some coffee and handle it.” This is definitely what she does at Big Fish Local!
Thayer Mcclelland