Doug Kamerer

Marketing Strategist

Doug Kamerer is a senior Marketing Strategist for Big Fish Local. With 25 plus years of Marketing experience he has made a splash more than once. Here are a some examples and what a few of those bigger fish had to say after swimming with him.

Creative force behind powerful brands, communications, campaigns, cultures, and customer experiences having shaped, led, and supported marketing for such organizations as Farrow Harley-Davidson, Rocky Brands, Nestlé Brands, JPMorgan Chase, The Limited, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

❝Doug is an innovative and passionate marketing professional whose leadership will deliver financial results to any enterprise he is a member of…Doug has been the anchorman for this brand-intensive company, and he also led many of the business’ operations – a talent uncommon for marketing professionals.❞ — Retired Brigadier General, Freedom Ride Event Special Forces Liaison


His brand story reflects a natural yet rapid progression as he gained solid foundational experience in marketing and communications, broadened his experience with project and traffic management roles, and deepened expertise through 15 years of creative, brand, and marketing leadership with high-equity brands each with unique customer cultures.

In 2005, Doug was recruited to Rocky Brands as the Brand and Marketing Manager and began integrating their new $85M+ acquisition, EJ Footwear. Highly successful in this role—and earning promotion to Creative Director—He gained an understanding of the value of ‘culture’ and took that to next role with America’s oldest Harley-Davidson dealer.

While wildly successful, you may be shocked to know the marketing power behind the multi-dealership footprint that is A.D. Farrow Co., rests on the shoulders of just one marketing leader and a very small team—up to 3—of supportive players. As the person in that position—as Director of Marketing / Minister of Culture—it has been his role over the past decade to deliver on the experience customers and evangelists expect.

By extending media reach, ‘standing up’ our social media footprint, and catalyzing community alliances, the organization continued to grow, store traffic increased 4-fold, and the engagement of ‘fans’ is stronger than ever. Doing this with such a small team and limited budget spend required creativity, deployment of robust marketing and analytics tools to support targeted efforts, and being able to ‘wear many hats’ to deliver on our brand’s promise.


❝My role as head coach of the Ohio State Buckeye football team and as recruiter for the Cincinnati Bengals has enabled me to meet numerous sports figures, TV personalities, and celebrities. When you meet that many people, a select few stand out and leave an impression. Doug is one of those people.❞ — John Cooper, Former OSU Football Coach

Doug also enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and helping others with their buying and selling Real Estate needs.

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