Tips From The Big Fish Local Specialists About Your Yelp Business Listing

Tips From The Big Fish Local Specialists About Your Yelp Business Listing

online reputation management is a big part of what Big Fish Local does with our digital marketing services

Your Yelp business listing is crucial for both your directory and review management, so here are some tips to fully optimize your listing!

online reputation management is a big part of what Big Fish Local does with our digital marketing services


Yelp is undoubtedly one of the most important online directory websites for all types of local businesses, which is why optimizing your company’s Yelp page will go a long way towards developing your Web presence.

Most small to mid-sized businesses understand the importance of Yelp reviews when it comes to things like review management and monitoring their online reputation, but did you know that optimizing your Yelp business listing can actually have a ripple effect towards improving your SEO and overall visibility on search engines like Google and Bing?

So what the Big Fish Local team has done for this article is come together to share insights about Yelp in terms of how local businesses can better understand the fundamental aspects of their listing, and how you can optimize your Yelp listing to benefit your entire digital marketing campaign.

Below is what you need to know about your Yelp business listing!


Understanding The Fundamentals Of Yelp: Reviews, User Base And Demographics


The first thing that business leaders should understand is that Yelp is VERY popular, and their 71 million monthly users only seem to be climbing at a consistent pace.

But what’s also important for business leaders to understand is that about 42% of Yelp users are under the age of 35, and that the two most active economic sectors in terms of reviews are retail and dining.

Yelp truly has a limitless amount of impressive statistics and metrics, but the general gist that business leaders should take is that Yelp is an online destination in which A LOT of people in your local area are talking about your business and your competitors. This subsequently means that it’ll be important to be a part of these conversations with Yelp users and boost your brand’s image through consistent engagement, because ignoring Yelp reviews and comments is never a good look!


Understanding The Main Elements Of A Yelp Business Listing


Every local business will be able to claim and then create a Yelp business listing, so it’s important for business leaders to understand the four main elements associated with these listings:

  • Yelp deals/sales
  • Hours & Website information
  • Business description
  • Photos

Yelp Deals/Sales


Yelp deals are an important tool to utilize when it comes to attracting Yelp users to your business listing and increasing your conversion rates on the platform. The best tip we can provide when it comes to developing Yelp deals/sales is to be creative, and understand that these deals don’t necessarily need to be monetarily based.

There are many instances in which a business will be humorous with their Yelp deals; but as long as these types of offers are engaging, there’s a good chance that Yelpers will get a good feeling about who you are as a business and want to develop a customer relationship.


Hours & Website Information


Business hours and website information are always really critical components of any Yelp business listing, and it’s important for business leaders to remember that about half of all Yelpers are going to be using the app on their mobile device.

This means that it’ll be increasingly important to have accurate information that’s always up-to-date on your listing, because people will be considering a visit to your location within hours of their arrival.

It’s also important to note that a simple link to your website on your Yelp listing will provide SEO value by being a reputable backlink.


Business Description


A lot of business leaders may not think that a business description on Yelp is all that important, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Yelp is a massive online community, so it’s crucial for business leaders to understand the value of providing Yelpers with a brief story about who you are as a business and what your team stands for.

The best tip we have in terms of developing your Yelp business description is to provide Yelpers with some pieces of information that they won’t necessarily be able to find within your website. One good idea is to be continuously updating your Yelp business description with updates and current information that’s oriented around what you and your business are doing.




You simply can’t have an optimized Yelp listing without photos, and this is partly because a listing without photos will show Yelpers that you don’t really care about the platform.

Your photos should be the part of your Yelp listing that really entices potential customers into visiting your location or trying out your products/services.

Your photos should provide Yelpers with an “inside look” to your business, and this is certainly an opportunity that should never be wasted!


Understanding The Fundamentals Of Yelp Metrics


Every business leader must understand the fundamentals of Yelp metrics, and this valuable information comes free with any local business listing.

Businesses are capable of getting a firsthand glimpse into monitoring their overall visibility and engagement on Yelp, so you’ll be able to track the traffic to your Yelp page and understand the percentage of mobile users that are coming to your listing.

The “user actions” portion of Yelp metrics will help you track the following:

  • Requests for directions to your business
  • Mobile check-in numbers
  • Business calls
  • User uploaded photos
  • Website traffic/clicks
  • Bookmarks
  • And Yelp Deals metrics


All of these Yelp metrics can support you and your team’s efforts towards refining your strategies on the platform, and ultimately obtaining the tangible benefits that you’re looking for!


Reach Out To The Big Fish Local Specialists To Learn More About How We Can Support Your Company’s Yelp Listing!


Big Fish Local has always highly valued review and directory management as a part of our comprehensive digital marketing solutions, so we fully understand just how important a site like Yelp is when it comes to overall online success of our clients.

Optimizing your Yelp listing is only just the beginning when it comes to making the most out of this ever-growing platform, and you’ll always see tangible results in your overall online reputation with the support of our social media specialists.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-945-4544 to get in touch with the Big Fish team and let us know how we can support your Yelp strategies!


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