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Client Training

Lead Funnel App Client Walkthrough

Setting Up G Suite


How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Social Media

How to check/hide comments on Facebook Ads

Google Accounts

How to set up a new Google Local Services Account

How to create a Google Ads Account

How to do background checks for Google Local Services

Big Fish Pen​

Disassembly and Reassembly

Adding a New Client to High Level

Adding a Phone Number to High Level

How to Setup Reputation Management

How to Add Domains to High Level

Trust Index

Logging In

Adding a Client

Connecting Review Profiles

Setting Up Review Widget

Adding Review Widget to Website

SendGrid Installation and Configuration

What is SendGrid

Add a Domain to SendGrid

Install WP Mail SMTP

Configure WP Mail and SendGrid

Duda Website

What is Duda

Logging In

Understanding The Dashboard

Choosing a Template

Learning the Design Dashboard

Choosing Global Design Options

Adding Business Content

Managing Pages

Resetting A Website

Designing The Homepage Part 1

Designing The Homepage Part 2

Designing The Homepage Part 3

Choosing The Pages


How to use ChatGPT

ChatGPT 101