Using a Digital Marketing Agency vs. Doing It Yourself – What You Need to Know

Using a Digital Marketing Agency vs. Doing It Yourself – What You Need to Know

Every business needs a digital marketing plan in order to succeed. But deciding whether to work with a digital marketing agency or to strategize and execute that plan in-house can be a tricky call to make. Here are some of the big factors to consider when making your decision.


Pros of Using an Agency


Access to a Variety of Specialists

Digital marketing agencies generally have specialists in copywriting, social media marketing, graphic design, and web design on staff. Lots of people have one or a handful of these skills, but being an expert in all those fields is a job in and of itself. Hiring out lets you stay focused on what you’re best at. And you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the job’s being done by experts. It’ll also make sure your company’s putting its best foot forward at all times. With expert help, a digital marketing agency will be aware of blind spots that might not even have been on your radar.


It’s More Than Just Instagram Posts

Digital marketing campaigns are more complicated than people tend to think – at least, successful ones are. A digital marketing agency will handle aspects of your campaign that may not have even occurred to you to consider. Agencies also stay up to date on trends, tech, and other tools so you don’t have to.


Professional Connections

Digital marketing agencies aren’t just about what they know – they’re about who they know.

Instead of having to track down experts yourself every time you want to hire out for digital marketing needs, an agency can generally recommend someone – or even handle the relationship for you.


Pros of Doing it Yourself


You’re the King of the Castle

When you DIY your digital marketing strategy, you have direct control over everything that comes out of your company. You handle your relationships, posts, schedule, everything. Which means you can tweak it however you want, whenever you want. This can be especially appealing for small companies just starting out, or for companies who have a very strong brand mission that’s close to their heart.


Working with an agency also often means a learning curve. If you’re doing all your campaigns yourself, you won’t have to worry about communicating your vision to someone else. The only people who have to get your vision are you and your customers. 


You Know Your Brand Best

Just like with any working relationship, finding your people is crucial. If you can’t find an agency you jive with, DIYing your campaigns might be the best option.


You’re Invested in Your Company’s success

When you work with an agency, you’re not their only client. Good agencies can deliver great results no matter how busy they are, but there’s no substitute for the passion of presenting your company the way you see it.


Ultimately, great digital marketing campaigns can come from an agency or in-house. What matters is making the decision that suits your company’s needs and that you’re comfortable with.


With a tight-knit, scrappy team and 6 years of experience as a firm, Big Fish Local is the best of both worlds. We use a strategic approach to marketing, tailoring each client’s strategy to their unique goals. Guided by the corporate values of integrity, accountability, and a growth mindset, we consistently achieve amazing results for our clients – saving them time and countless headaches in the process.


Whatever industry you’re in, we’ll help you become the big fish in your pond.

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