Web Design Best Practices Anyone Can Put Into Practice

Web Design Best Practices Anyone Can Put Into Practice

4 Web Design Best Practices to Improve Your Website

For non-web developers, the term “web design” can sound vague and hard to grasp. But a well-designed website is crucial to the success of any business. In this post, we’ll give a quick overview of why good web design matters and how you can achieve it. 


Why Do Web Design Best Practices Matter?

At its core, good web design is about creating a site that’s easy for customers to use. And isn’t that exactly what you want? By following web design best practices, you can:

  • Instantly establish credibility with new and existing customers
  • Make it easy for people to interact with your business.
  • Maximize your search engine optimization. Well-designed websites tend to load faster and operate better, leading to better search engine results.
  • Convert prospective customers into actual ones. If your website is hard to use or looks unprofessional, you’ll lose people before they have a chance to give you their business.


Key Web Design Best Practices


Keep it Simple

Most visitors to your website aren’t going there just to browse; they’re hoping to complete some kind of task, whether it’s to make a purchase, check your credentials, or find your contact information. Even if your business has a fun, laidback vibe, make sure it’s easy to find everything on your website.



Your palette should match the tone of your business, but stick to a maximum of 5 different colors.



Prioritize readability above all else. Use simple fonts. Shy away from script fonts (or use them sparingly). The text color should contrast well with your background.



Avoid unnecessary design components or overly flashy designs. These can seem unprofessional and add confusing visual clutter. Only use graphics if they’re helpful, such as to draw attention to important elements.


Put the Most Important Information Front and Center

Consider what visitors to your website want to do most often. Are they looking for a free trial? Are they checking your hours of operation? Making a purchase? Emphasize that. Make it easy for your customers to do whatever it is they want to do. Make the process intuitive.


Consistency is Comforting

Stick to a consistent look, feel, and navigation style from page to page. Backgrounds, typefaces, color schemes, and the tone of the actual text should all feel uniform. Changing too much from page to page will confuse visitors and might even make them wonder if they’ve been redirected to a different website. 


Optimize for Different Devices

According to a Statista study, 48% of global page views now come from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Make sure your web pages load properly, are easy to read, and are navigable from different devices. At the very least, check using your smartphone. 


Employing a few web design best practices can do wonders for your business’s website. But if you want a great website without building it yourself or want a professional eye and guiding hand while you semi-DIY your own online presence, reach out to Big Fish Local. Our digital strategists can offer the support you need, at whatever level you want.

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