What 2022’s Marketing Statistics Could Mean for 2023 & Beyond


Relevant, up-to-date statistics are important for any marketing strategy. Without these statistics, a company is effectively blindfolded as they throw their budget at the target. They can get fortunate and hit this target, but the more likely scenario is a big chunk of cash being wasted. 

By taking the blindfold off and analyzing current statistics, a business has a much greater chance of using their marketing dollars effectively. It helps to shape and define promotional campaigns not just for the now but also for the future. 

Below we have rounded up some key marketing statistics for 2022, seeing how these can affect strategies for 2023 and beyond. 

Video marketing is key 

If you didn’t know it already, video is a vital avenue for marketers to take. Online video content is engaging, visual, and easy to consume, and this makes it an appealing option for consumers. Based on usage statistics for TikTok, where 62% of users are in the 10-29 age bracket, it’s also a trend that will be seemingly everlasting. 

Sticking with social media, short-form videos are the most effective social media format, according to 85% of marketers. The short, snappy nature grabs attention and maintains it, leaving a positive impression on the viewer. It also goes beyond social platforms. If a web page features a video, it will receive 157% more search traffic compared to non-video pages. Experience is key with modern content, and video helps deliver that positive experience.

Influencer marketing is on the rise 

You can no longer avoid the growing significance of influencer marketing. As for what trends will receive the most investment from digital marketers in 2023, influencer marketing is only behind short-form video

HubSpot also has other attention-grabbing statistics about influencers and their role in promoting brands. To demonstrate its effectiveness, 89% of marketers that used influencer marketing in 2022 intend to maintain or enhance their investment in this marketing channel in 2023.  

SEO remains an important tactic

Although certain marketing trends have risen or fallen in recent years, there is one that continues to feature prominently in strategies: SEO. The optimization of content, whether it is video content, a blog post, a product listing, and so on, remains essential to come out on top in the search results game. 

For companies that utilized SEO in 2022, HubSpot notes 88% plan to either maintain or improve their investment in this area. That’s an increase from last year, where the number sat at 84%. As SEO becomes more complex and competitive, brands need to invest further in this marketing tactic. 

Mobile optimization continues to be even more crucial 

The numbers don’t lie. Recent numbers from StatCounter show that, based on worldwide usage, mobile and tablets have a 60/40 split over desktop. Specifically, mobile has a 58.57% usage share since January 2023

With consumers spending more time online than ever on their mobile devices, mobile optimization is imperative. Digital experiences, from websites to emails, must be mobile-optimized, where they are built with the mobile user firmly in mind.