What Should a Small Business Post on Social Media?

Big Fish Local

These days, you don’t have to pay for big billboards to attract your audience’s attention. You can access them for free using popular social media platforms. 

Your first step should be to choose the right platforms for your business. Once you’ve done that, though, you’ll face an even greater challenge: deciding on the content you want to share.

Planning Social Media Content

We’d always advise creating a marketing strategy to guide your social media, blog posts, newsletters, and other content. 

This strategy should consider what kind of person you want to reach and the types of content that they’d be most likely to find engaging, entertaining, and educational.

Another important consideration is what you want the person viewing your social media content to do. 

Do you simply want them to follow you? Or are you hoping that they’ll share your content with their own followers? Perhaps you’d like to lead them into your sales funnel by signing them up to your email list? 

Whatever your goal is, create content with this in mind.

Creating a Content Calendar

Rather than login everyday to create and publish content, we recommend using content calendars. Then you aren’t forced to find inspiration when you’re faced with a blank screen everyday!

You’ll find there are a range of social media calendars, tools, and templates available to help you plan your content. 

We recommend coming up with a few different content pillars (themes or topics that you want to address) and alternating between them to ensure your posts don’t get repetitive.

10 Ideas for Social Media Posts

  1. Repurpose your content. If you have videos or blogs already published on your website, share them on social media too.
  2. Share industry news. Post links to articles that are relevant to your business and give your perspective on industry developments.
  3. Open up debate. Ask your followers to respond to an intriguing question and see if you can start a conversation.
  4. Share positive reviews and customer testimonials. If you have accumulated great Google reviews, why not share one a week?
  5. Give expert advice. Provide additional value to your followers by offering top tips related to your product or service.
  6. Make them laugh. Post memes, gifs, or jokes about your field of work or current events. Be careful not to stray into divisive or inappropriate topics.
  7. Run a competition. If you ask people to tag friends in your posts in order to win a prize, you might find your follower count increases fast!
  8. Recognize holidays. As well as the obvious ones like Christmas and Thanksgiving, you can celebrate silly occasions like National Pizza Day.
  9. Introduce your team. Interview a staff member, announce a new recruit, or share photos from company events so followers can relate to the people working behind the scenes.
  10. Explain products or services. If you’re launching a new product or introducing a seasonal offer, social media is an excellent place to spread the word quickly!

Remember, you don’t have to handle your profiles alone! Big Fish Local offers social media management services that will ensure you make a big splash online, saving you effort and time.