Why Search Engine Ranking Matters (and How To Raise It)

Why Search Engine Ranking Matters (and How To Raise It)

Launching a new online business soon?

Congratulations, you now need to know if it’s ready. Do a quick Google search, using keywords related to your business, and check if your content pops on page 1 of the results.

If it doesn’t, you need to start working on increasing your search engine ranking. After all, how many people even go to page 2 of the search results? You need to get on page 1 to take over the competition.

Not sure why this matters or how to get there? We’ve got a few tips right here. Continue reading to discover different steps in boosting your ranking and learn why it’s important.

Why Ranking Matters

Data shows that most people will conduct a Google search first to find the information they need. A vast majority who do won’t even spend a minute on the search results page before they click on a site. This means the vast majority of people using Google get what they need on the first page.

If they don’t, they won’t go to page 2. They’ll simply use a different set of keywords and try again.

This means you need to get to page 1 of the Google search engine results page (SERP) for the keywords you know people use. Otherwise, people won’t visit your site. They won’t even know it exists, regardless of how pretty it is.

What About Paid Ads?

Do people click on paid ads? Of course they do! However, you’ll need a high budget to truly take advantage of a PPC campaign or social media ads campaign.

Focusing on search engine ranking won’t cost you that much. Sure, you’ll have to pay for the tools, writers, and research, but the long-term effects easily outweigh the costs.

How to Improve Search Engine Rank

Now you know why it’s important to rank high. However, getting to the top isn’t easy. Read our list of legitimate SEO tips to learn how to boost SEO in no time.

Focus on Local Search Engine Rank

Unless you manage a global brand, you’ll want to start with local SEO efforts. Prioritize geotargeted longtail keywords and don’t forget to fill up your Google My Business page. Once done, connect it to Google Maps.

Doing all this also boosts the chances of locals leaving reviews for your business. Raking more reviews boosts your credibility and visibility.

No one wants to check out a business with no reviews, after all. It hints that it’s a business no one goes to and it’s gathering dust.

Relevant Content

You need to make content that people care about. Your blog posts, metadata, page content, and products should all focus on resolving issues people raise concerns about.

A good way to do this is to use keyword research tools. Find out which keywords people use the most concerning your business and industry. Discover what’s trending.

If your site has a search bar (and it should), make sure to check the top keyword phrases people use on it. This will immediately let you know which topics or keywords you need to prioritize.

Content For People, Not Bots

Over time, Google’s algorithm updated to ensure people find information relevant to their searches. It’s all about user behavior instead of relying solely on keyword matching. There’s a big focus now on writing for people, not for Google’s bots and crawlers.

Avoid blackhat tactics like masking keywords in your pages. There was a technique where people would fill a page with keywords, stuffing it, and then hiding these keywords by coloring the font to match the background. That doesn’t work anymore because Google’s crawlers can and will find them.

Instead of rewarding you for more keywords on a page, Google will penalize you for trying to cheat the system.

Don’t Forget Metadata

All the content people see on your pages and blog posts matter, yes, but don’t forget about the things only Google’s crawlers care about too. Elements like image alt tags, page title tags, and the meta description for a page all matter. Use the right appropriate keywords for each of these to boost your SEO results.

Content for Backlinking Opportunities

Building your backlinking profile is going to be a primary objective. The more credible the backlinks to your site are, the stronger your credibility is in the eyes of people and search engines. Of course, you can’t simply ask every big website with millions of visitors to link to your pages.

Make informative evergreen content is a good way to convince them to do this without you asking for it.

What’s evergreen content? It refers to blog posts, video tutorials, or other forms of content that will remain useful, entertaining, and relevant even months or years after you initially upload it.

That kind of content attracts attention and many websites or social media icons will start sharing and linking to your pages.

Voice Search Matters Too

Do you know someone who owns a smart speaker, like the Amazon Echo? Even if you don’t, you or someone you know likely rely on voice tools like Apple Siri or Google Assistant for voice searches.

It’s becoming a more common activity. If you want to rank higher on the search results page, you also need to remember to optimize for voice searches too.

Hire a Professional

At the end of the day, boosting your search engine ranking requires a lot of work. It’s always better to call on experts to get the task done for you. Not only do agencies have the skills, training, and experience but they also have the right tools and resources for the job.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Today

Increasing your search engine ranking is going to be the anchor that keeps your online business alive. Without ranking high, no one will know your site even exists. Those who do might not visit because a low-ranking site seems outdated and unreliable, and it lacks credibility.

But why stop here when you can put these SEO tips to the test? We can help you boost your SEO ranking and more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now and let us help you hit a higher ranking!

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