Will My Web Designer Create Content For Me?

Big Fish Local

When you invest in a web designer, you may assume that they’ll handle every aspect of it for you, including its content.

In reality, that depends on the service you approach. If you opt for a web designer working alone, it’s unlikely that they also specialize in content creation.

That’s why so many people choose to work with multi-talented, multidisciplinary digital marketing companies like Big Fish Local.

Why Does Web Content Matter?

When a potential customer visits your website for the first time, this is your chance to make a great impression. You may not get a second chance to impress them.

The visuals of your website matter because they’ll make you look professional. The functionality of your website is also crucial: if it’s slow to load or glitchy, that’s bound to be a turn-off for your audience.

However, your content shouldn’t be overlooked either. This is essentially how you will address your website visitors, so the tone of voice that you use and the information you include will help determine what they do next.

What Are The Advantages of a Professional Copywriter?

Professional copywriters have a unique skill set. They’re accustomed to getting to the heart of the businesses they work with and determining what their key selling points are.

You might think you’re the best person to tell your company’s story because you’re so close to it. In reality, you probably spend so much time on the zoomed-in details that you’re not the best person to give the zoomed-out pitch.

Copywriters are able to relate to the layperson, someone who may not have your expertise in your industry but is still interested in your product or service. They write in a way that informs and appeals to them.

What to Include in Your Web Content:

Many people assume that “more is more” when it comes to content: if you include as much information as possible on your website then that’s what will convince people and convert them into customers. This simply isn’t the case.

Remember how busy the online marketplace is. You’re competing with countless others to keep your customers’ attention. That’s why you should get to the point quickly.

Rather than telling them everything about you, your copy should explain what your company can do for them. That’s what they’re really interested in, after all! 

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Web Content:

It might sound obvious, but it’s important: make sure your grammar is accurate. This isn’t just so your website visitors can understand your content, although that’s obviously important.

It’s also so search engines classify your content as reliable and authoritative, boosting your position in the rankings! This is key to attracting more organic traffic.

Business owners that write their own copy often fail to answer the most important questions their customers have. What is the product or service, what makes it special, how can it help them, and what should they do next.

To ensure you avoid these common errors and to maximize the impact of your web content, work with Big Fish Local.

Our professional writers collaborate with digital marketing experts to create convincing and converting content.