5 Things A Logo Needs to Be to Be Effective

Big Fish Local

A logo is one of the most important expressions of your brand, so you really have to get it right!

You might think that all it has to do is look cool, but in reality, it serves a vital function. It is, after all, what your customers will use to identify and remember your company.

At Big Fish Local, we design logos all the time. We know exactly what a logo needs to be effective. Read on for the 5 essential features your logo should possess, then contact us if you realize you need a logo refresh!


Don’t get carried away trying to include every nuance of your company in your logo. The end result will be a cluttered design that confuses potential customers.

Remember, your audience may only look at your logo for a brief moment. They don’t have time to process intricate details.

Instead, aim for simplicity. A bold design will be easier on the eye and easier to understand. Focus on what is most important to communicate about your brand.


Ideally, your logo will be memorable enough to create an impression on your target audience. Then, they’ll be able to identify your brand easily.

Memorability is key to nurturing a long-term relationship with customers. If your brand feels familiar, it can help to foster loyalty.

The last thing you want is for an interested customer to forget your company and take their custom elsewhere because they can’t find you.


Your logo will be used on all kinds of branding materials, both digital and physical. You need a design that will translate effectively across different mediums.

One aspect to consider is its scalability. If your logo is a vector image, you should be able to change its size without affecting its proportions. This is very useful!

Make sure that your logo works under different contexts, too. Would it make sense to someone outside of your industry, for example?


Imagine you have a fishing supply store, but your logo features your pet dog. Would that communicate the right message to someone encountering your brand for the first time?

Your logo isn’t the place to go off-topic. Instead, you should aim to be very concise, keeping every design element strictly relevant to the key products or services of your business.

This way, nobody will enter your fishing supply store looking for a shih tzu.


It’s tempting to follow trends, but consider the fundamentals of your branding like your logo to be a long-term commitment.

Rather than follow graphic design trends, choose a design that’s going to stand the test of time.

Companies that continually rebrand can be perceived as flakey and unreliable by customers. Stable branding, in contrast, conveys a stable image.

You can trust the talented team at Big Fish Local to get your logo right.

We’ll start with a creative consultation so we truly understand the purpose and personality of your company. Then, we’ll translate that into a logo that truly reflects your brand and appeals to your target audience.

When you’re ready to get started, get in touch!