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The last thing your business needs is to be lost in a sea of search results.

Our SEO services will float you to the top of the list, attracting traffic to your site.

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At Big Fish Local, we understand the algorithm.

Our expert team will help you move from the ocean floor to the highest possible rankings. You’ll soon be the big fish in your pond.

Your site might be super and your service exceptional, but what does that mean without SEO?

Discoverability is key. Rather than settling on the seabed, use our services to break through the surface.

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How Could A Lack of SEO Be Harming Your Business?

In the modern business landscape, your digital presence can’t be left adrift.

Hopefully you’ve invested in an impressive website. However, unless it’s attracting visitors, you’ll have wasted your money.

After all, what’s the point of a site that’s not being seen?

If a website is optimized for search engines, it appears higher in the rankings when relevant terms are searched.

Maybe you’re ignoring SEO, but your competitors certainly aren’t. That means people fishing for your services will simply catch a bite elsewhere.

You could easily miss out on traffic and the opportunity to convert interest into sales due to a lack of SEO.


Why Invest in SEO?

When your site is optimized for search engines, you can save money on other forms of marketing. It’s an economically sound strategy to pursue organic growth.

Think about it: a site that ranks highly on the results page will attract traffic, reducing your need to pay for advertising.

SEO is also effective because it deals with an audience that’s highly engaged. It increases your visibility with people who are already searching for your specific product or service.

Rather than trying to reel in brand new customers with alluring bait, you’re simply giving interested people what they’ve asked for!

Investing in SEO allows you to cast your net widely and catch more sales. Consider this a way to build your relevance and your reputation.

Most people aren’t willing to plow the depths of endless search results just to find your business. So don’t keep it hidden! Show them where the treasure is through SEO.

SEO for Organic Growth

Google Listing

We will update and maintain your Google Listing with accurate information. This includes providing your hours and location, managing and responding to reviews, and adding photos where necessary.

This is an especially useful service for businesses looking to target a local audience as it increases your position in local searches. But how does it work?

Basically, if you’re an Italian restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, and someone in the area searches for “restaurants near me,” you could become the first suggestion!

If you want to become the most prominent business in your industry and area on Google, this is a crucial step.

Listing Sync

As online search only seems to grow in importance, it’s crucial to ensure that all of your business listings are updated, accurate, and consistent.

Your business appears more credible to the algorithm when its information agrees across multiple sites. We can sync your listings so your business appears in the same way all over the internet.

Misinformation or information that differs from site to site reduces the reliability of your business in the eyes of the algorithm.

Thankfully, we have the tools and the knowledge to ensure that your customers as well as the search engines receive consistent and up to date data.

Reputation Management

Search engine algorithms are designed to detect authority and trustworthiness. It makes sense, then, that accumulating a backlog of positive reviews would contribute to SEO.

Basically, search engines trust your customers. If they say that you’re a viable option, then they’re happy to recommend you to others through a higher position on the results page.

Also, if you’re actively responding to customer reviews, this increases your credibility as a company.

Big Fish Local can help you to generate and manage your online reviews from customers. This in turn will help you ascend in the search rankings and improve your overall visibility.


When your website produces quality content, this generates a higher click through rate. The more people click on your links, the more credible you become to the algorithm.

In your content, you can incorporate keywords which will ensure you appear in relevant searches. Quality content also helps you to generate backlinks, which is a proven SEO strategy.

Producing interesting content has obvious benefits for your audience; however, it also pleases Google’s algorithm, which is constantly evolving to better deliver useful and relevant results.

Big Fish Local can prepare a content marketing strategy for your company and execute it in order to improve your SEO.

On-Page Optimization

When most people think of SEO, this is what comes to mind. On-page optimization is the process of optimizing a website for search engines through the strategic use of keywords, images, content, and headers.

The order of search engine results are determined by an algorithm. That means it’s a machine that scans websites for their usefulness, not a person, and there are certain steps that can be taken to make a website easier for this algorithm to understand.

The problem is that you can’t optimize your website once and assume it will rank highly forever. Due to changing best practice, websites need to be regularly refreshed to remain search engine optimized over time.

Link Building

A major factor in how search engines rank web pages is link popularity. By increasing the number of high-quality, reputable sites that link to your page, you can improve the position of your website in the results page.

For example, if you have a jewelry store in Columbus, Ohio, one way to outrank competitor jewelry stores in the area would be to have multiple credible sites that link to your services.

Of course, the difficulty comes from finding sites that are willing to include that link. However, at Big Fish Local, we have an extensive network that we can draw upon to provide this support.

When it comes to the search results page, you need to swim, not sink!

That’s why specialist SEO services are a must for any business pursuing organic growth.

Big Fish Local is ready to help you become the big fish in your pond.

Contact us today for more information about how we can increase your discoverability and in turn increase your sales.

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Why Trust Big Fish Local’s SEO Services?

Hiring the experts to handle your SEO is always a good idea.

You might initially think this is something you can manage yourself, but once you start diving into the depths of SEO, you’ll soon see that keeping up with the algorithm is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It also requires specialist knowledge.

Thankfully, services like ours exist! We make scaling the search results page so much easier.

Big Fish Local has been supporting small businesses with their online presence since 2015. We have extensive experience in the world of digital marketing, which means we know what works. Just ask our diverse portfolio of satisfied clients…

We tailor our service to your specific needs. Although we’re based in Springfield, Ohio, we also have offices in Dayton and Columbus for your convenience. Of course, we’re always happy to meet virtually too.

Because every SEO service is custom-made to suit your business, prices vary. Feel free to contact us for your no-obligation personalized quotation.

Of course, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but there are also plenty of reasons to trust our team with your company’s search engine optimization:

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A multi-skilled team

If you feel like you’re floundering when it comes to SEO, our expert team is perfectly equipped to rescue you!

Big Fish Local consists of experienced digital marketing experts including web strategists, SEO specialists, and professional copywriters.

Combined, we have the ideal skill set to shore up your position in the rankings. For example, you should know that an updated website impresses the algorithm. Big Fish Local can keep your site fresh with a constant stream of new content.

That means we don’t just develop an SEO strategy for your business; we also execute it on your behalf!

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Best practice

The digital landscape is always in flux. One of the major challenges that SEO presents is the fact that best practice changes all the time.

If you let your website become stale, you’ll find it starts to sink in the rankings. Updates must be implemented in accordance with the latest SEO guidelines. The problem is, what small business owner has space in their schedule to do all that?

Very few, which is why the rest hire Big Fish Local’s SEO specialists to manage it for them. It’s our job to stay afloat of the most recent SEO rules, and we do it well!

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Flexible Options

Your business will have specific SEO needs depending on its scale, its objectives, and the industry it operates in. This is why we custom-design a unique SEO package for every client.

Whether you’re looking for on or off-page SEO, technical SEO, ongoing support, or a one-off job, Big Fish Local will be able to help.

Our overall objective remains the same: to help you become the big fish in your pond, and the big fish on the search results page!

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Time Saving

When you hire Big Fish Local to handle your SEO, you can coast by knowing that we have it under control. We’ll research your industry and create a strategy based on your business objectives.

Then, we’ll implement the strategy, which may mean refining or creating new content. We’ll even monitor its success and feedback results to you. All of this is time and effort that we’re saving your business.

As a small business owner, your schedule is hectic enough. While Big Fish Local takes control of your SEO, you can have a whale of a time pursuing other priorities.

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Strategic Planning

Unless you’re familiar with the ins and outs of search engine algorithms, you’ll be a fish out of water trying to design an SEO strategy.

Rather than drown in the results page, why not ask our expert team to craft a strategy that’s adapted to your business needs? We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making waves online.

Everything we do is backed by a plan. Consider it an ocean map, helping your company navigate the digital space. With Big Fish Local, SEO soon becomes smooth sailing.

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Why not test the waters with our free site-scanning service?

We’ll tell you what’s working well, what needs work, and what we can do to help you get closer to your business goals.

Our Guarantee:

We’ll design and deliver a results-driven SEO strategy in line with your objectives. With our support, you’ll soon break through the surface of the search results page!