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Pay-per-click advertising is one way to break the surface and become more visible.

Yes, you can become a big fish and still only pay when someone visits your pond.

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Any old advert won’t help you make a splash, though. You need strategy to succeed.

That’s why Big Fish Local offers specialist pay per click advertising services for small businesses.

We know what you want: the highest click through rate possible at the lowest cost per click.

High quality ads designed and developed by our expert team are bound to make a splash!

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Why Might Your Current Ads Be Underperforming?

If you’ve previously dipped your toe in the waters of PPC advertising and you were disappointed by the results, chances are the campaign wasn’t implemented and managed effectively.

There are many mistakes that can be made when you’re not a digital marketing expert. For example, you may not have defined specific goals for your PPC campaign, and as a result, your advertisements missed the mark.

Maybe you ended up spending more than you expected. To allocate your PPC budget, you have to make some projections regarding a customer’s lifetime value and the typical cost of client acquisition.

The most successful PPC campaigns are more carefully managed. Their results are tracked and tweaks are made where appropriate.

PPC ads have a range of features that you may not be taking advantage of including ad extensions, scheduling options, and location targeting.

These are all methods to better engage your target audience, and if you aren’t using them, your campaign is undoubtedly underperforming. Rather than let your investment sink, get the experts at Big Fish Local to handle it!

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What Do Pay Per Click Advertising Services Offer?

There are good reasons to reach out to the experts when you want to become the big fish in your pond. When you hire a professional PPC advertising service like ours, you benefit from our strategic insight. Your campaign will be designed with your specific business goals in mind.
Rather than improvise with the content of your adverts and hope for the best, you can enjoy the services of experienced copywriters who will craft them for you. Perhaps most importantly, a PPC advertising service will manage and monitor your campaign. This is time-consuming but crucial work that you thankfully won’t have to worry about.

You may choose to place PPC adverts on one, many, or all of the following platforms:







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Why Trust Big Fish Local With Your Pay Per Click Campaign?

At Big Fish Local, digital marketing is what we do. We have experience in pay per click campaigns which means we have firsthand knowledge of what works.

Why would you waste money on underperforming ads when you could trust the professionals to optimize their impact instead?

You also have a multi-skilled team at your disposal when you work with us. There are plenty of fish in our sea, and they all have different specializations!

That means an SEO expert can perform your keyword research, a digital marketing expert can form your strategy, and a copywriter can craft your advertisement. Working together, they’ll ensure your PPC ads shore up your business goals.

Many small business owners hope they can handle their own PPC campaigns because they want to reduce costs. However, this quickly becomes a false economy!

Why? Because managing a PPC campaign is time-consuming, and the time of a small business owner is very valuable.

Rather than drowning in complex and often contradictory PPC advice online, hand over responsibility for this aspect of your business operations to Big Fish Local.

You’ll get greater results sooner, and you won’t have to waste your time and money just to watch your PPC ads flounder.

If you’re ready to make waves with your pay per click advertising campaigns, get in touch with the Big Fish Local team today!

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Our Guarantee

We will design and develop a unique PPC advertising strategy in line with your business goals.

This will involve researching your industry, creating engaging content, and monitoring the response to each advertisement, making adjustments as necessary.

You’ll see better results from your PPC ads when you work with Big Fish Local.

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What Does Big Fish Local’s Pay Per Click service include?

When you work with Big Fish Local, you can be sure that your pay per click advertising will hook new customers.

That’s because everything we do is invested with strategy. Once we understand your business and its objectives, we’ll be equipped to implement your PPC campaign.

We’ll design a campaign that reflects your budget, your customer base, and your goals. The platform that we choose will be the one that most effectively reaches your audience.

Your advertisements will be written by a professional copywriter with PPC experience. You can count on our work to attract the right attention and activate potential customers.

Don’t think that our work is done once your adverts start to run. Far from it! We will continue to monitor your campaign and make tweaks where necessary.

Experts agree that close management is crucial to a PPC advertisement’s success, and this is the attention-to-detail that our digital marketing experts provide.

We’ll keep a close eye on the analytics to ensure that your campaign is running as expected. We’ll also help ensure that once a customer clicks your advertisement, they’re guided through your sales funnel.

Because we’re knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of digital marketing, not just PPC advertising, we’re able to provide holistic support.

This is what will help you become the big fish in your pond!

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Our Process

There are three steps to Big Fish Local’s pay per click service:


We will get to know your business and its industry during a creative consultation. This can take place online or in one of our offices in Springfield, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio.

Once we have an understanding of your objectives, your budget, and your target audience, we will be able to design an effective PPC campaign using specific keywords.

This will include choosing the most appropriate placement for your ads, whether that’s a social media platform or a search engine.


Once we have a clear strategy, your adverts will be designed. The most impactful imagery will be selected and a professional copywriter will craft text that converts.

When your adverts are ready to be published, Big Fish Local will implement your campaign for you.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Don’t worry, your campaign won’t be left treading water! We’ll dive into the data to ensure every ad performs as well as possible. If changes need to be made, we’ll make them.

We take on full responsibility for your PPC advertisements, and that goes beyond simply publishing them.

Pay Per Click FAQ:

PPC advertising is “pay per click” advertising. If you run a PPC campaign, you only pay the publisher of your advert if someone clicks on it. It is a method of driving traffic to your website. Adverts are linked to keywords and appear when someone searches for specific terms.

PPC is a type of SEM. SEM stands for search engine marketing, which is a blanket term used for any kind of promotional activity that uses search engines as a platform. Pay per click advertising is just one example of search engine marketing. Search engine optimization is another example.

PPC adverts can appear on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram, Pinterest, and Yelp. Adverts often appear in carousels at the top or on the right hand column of these sites depending on how they are accessed.

Some of the benefits of PPC advertising include the fact that ads can be published and seen immediately; they don’t depend on the algorithm like SEO does; they can be effective in generating high return on investment; they can target specific demographics, and you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on your link!

A PPC advert includes a headline, a text description, keywords, and imagery. If you attempt to design your advert yourself, you may find that it’s deemed inappropriate by the platform you want to publish it on. Here at Big Fish Local, we know best practice when it comes to creating PPC advertising campaigns.

To figure out which keywords should be used for your PPC campaign, our digital marketing experts will undertake specific keyword research. This will tell us which keywords are most competitive and which ones are most likely to reach your target audience. Then, we’ll incorporate these keywords into your advertising.

One way to target a specific audience using PPC is to incorporate keywords that your target demographic is likely to search. You can also narrow down where your advert is displayed using features such as age, gender, and location. You can even choose your advert to be displayed at certain times based on when you think your audience will be active online.

To find out if PPC advertising would work for your business, contact Big Fish Local to discuss your objectives with our expert team!

Remember that we have offices in Springfield, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio, so you’re welcome to visit us for an in-person consultation.

We’ll explain what PPC ads could achieve for your business and how pay per click ads could help you become the big fish in your pond.

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