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Paid Advertising Management

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Why Have Someone Manage Your Paid Ads?

Advertising on Google, or for that matter anywhere online, can make a huge difference for your business. It can also be expensive. Think of advertising like investing in the stock market. Would you rather pick your stocks randomly, or have an expert broker choose the stocks that will give you the highest return on investment?

Running ads on Google will make a big difference in the total number of people who actually visit your website, and thus the number of sale you make. But having an expert team to manage your ads will ensure that your ads target the right audience and give you the most clicks per dollar you spend. We will ensure your highest CTR (Click Through Rate) for the lowest CPC (Cost Per Click).

One of the most important factors in increasing CTR and lowering CPC is the quality of both your ad and your website. We highly recommend that you combine our ad management service (AdFish) with our website design service (WebFish) to give you the highest possible ROI.

As you can see from the picture on the right, if you can achieve both a paid ad AND an organic (unpaid) listing in first page Google search results (SERP), your number of clicks will increase dramatically (up to 56% CTR – that’s incredible!). Does this sound intriguing to you? Click the link below for a free custom quote!

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