How Can SEO Improve Sales?

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Every brand wants to grow its exposure. For profit-based businesses, this almost universally means that they need to improve sales. Even non-profit organizations understand the importance of building a robust SEO strategy through initiatives such as those designed to boost donor awareness. But how exactly can SEO improve sales? Here are six considerations to keep in mind as you plan your 2023 SEO strategy.

SEO improves sales with greater exposure
Do you have an amazing product or service that not everyone knows about? If so, one critical way to grow your sales in that category is through SEO. The more optimized your website is for discovery the more paying customers you’ll eventually have. In other words, SEO puts your company in the eyes of more internet users.

Good SEO improves website traffic
Do you have a page that appears to be underperforming in your Google Analytics data? Take a look at its SEO effectiveness through a tool such as Yoast. You may discover that it’s not optimized for conversions, has minor issues preventing indexing, or needs simply needs more content. As you grow your SEO strategy, these underperforming landing pages can help drive more traffic to your checkout page.

SEO creates lead generation and conversion
Lead conversion models often rely on user searches. Where do they perform these searches? On the aptly named Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Lead generation strategies rely on landing pages that offer irresistible offers, bringing more potential customers into your sales workflow.

Trust and SEO go hand-in-hand
Think of someone you consider to be an expert in their industry. Do you have someone in mind? Great — now apply that to your website. Does your website demonstrate your company’s expertise in your industry?

The more effectiveness of a content-based SEO strategy you have, the greater trust you’ll earn in the minds of your target audience. Trust and SEO go hand-in-hand simply through content marketing.

Content is king
That’s because content is king (or queen, if you’re playing chess) with digital marketing. The better your content and the more you’ve optimized it for search engines, the higher likelihood your brand will have of increased sales.

Paid advertisements boost your SEO efforts
We’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight the growing importance of paid advertisements and your SEO strategy. Paid ads won’t completely replace a well-thought-out SEO content strategy. However, they will play a vital role in improving your organic efforts, ensuring that important pages or offers make it in front of more eyes and in front of those likely to click through to your offer.

It’s a comprehensive approach
SEO in the early 2000s was basically “stuff as many words into a page and see if it works.” As smartphones changed user behavior, so did the strategies marketers use to grow brand awareness. With a robust SEO strategy, you can improve your exposure, generate more website traffic, develop new leads, and build trust. Often, this is through content marketing along with a healthy dose of supplemental PPC marketing.

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