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Danaea Bantay

SEO Specialist

Dana is your friendly neighborhood SEO Specialist and a proud Big Fish Local resident! Since diving into the world of boosting businesses in 2020, Dana’s been on a mission to help clients shine bright in search engine land.

With over five years of tinkering and toying with SEO strategies, Dana’s become a pro at cracking the SEO code. From Keyword Research to websites with On-Page and off-page, fine-tuning Conversion Rates, and diving deep into Web Analytics and website Audits, All leading to more leads and sales for your website.

Not one to be boxed in, Dana’s lent a helping hand across the globe, supporting SEO Clients in North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Dana’s sprinkled SEO magic in E-Commerce, Lead generation, Lifestyle, SaaS, and financial Solutions – mastering them all.

When Dana’s not busy making websites shine, you’ll likely find them exploring the ever-changing digital universe, always looking for new tricks to rocket your business into the spotlight!