The state of social media in 2023

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social media in 2023

Can you believe how fast 2022 flew by? Are you ready for 2023? We’re asking that  question both personally and in terms of your marketing. And while few of us will  probably say yes to the latter, it raises an interesting point. What is the state of social  media in 2023? How will that affect firms and their marketing objectives? Let’s look at  five trends to expect in the coming months. 

Predictions vs facts 

The first is that there will be a lot of predictions made in the next few months about  where various platforms will go. Some will write off Twitter as doomed to fail. Others  will disparage TikTok with the general pushback from the U.S. government.  

Those are predictions, however. The facts tell a different story. They point to a rise  within Generation Z and their influence on the market. The facts also point to a rise in  Twitter usage since the Elon Musk buyout. 

The state of social media in 2023 can feel skewed by opinions. We want you to,  instead, focus on the facts. Those can help you make informed choices on where to  spend your marketing dollars. 

The Metaverse 

Love it or hate it, The Metaverse is a strong part of Facebook’s strategy. Meta, the  renamed parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, will continue to  push virtual reality initiatives. This includes an expansion of the Meta Quest headsets  (formerly Oculus Quest) as well as the potential for software development innovations. 

Again, here it can be challenging to not get caught up in predictions. Notice how our  last sentence in that paragraph intentionally used the word “potential.” The state of  social media in 2023 is that The Metaverse is out there. It’s growing. Whether it’s the  next NFT or something more successful is yet to be seen. 

Influencer-based marketing 

User-generated content is the basis of influencer-based marketing. This trend has  grown significantly over the past several years. With an expected rise in this current, it’s  even more important to be aware of the difference between sponsored content and  user engagement. Many YouTube producers, for example, switched to using  sponsored content as they saw significant drops in their video ad revenue.  

Video Marketing 

Speaking of video, let’s tackle that elephant in the room. What is the state of video in  2023? 

We cautiously want to encourage your team to consider its importance as you plan  your 2023 marketing strategies. We say cautiously, however, for good reason. 

Yes, video will indeed continue to grow.

However, is that the most effective way to reach your audience? It may be. It also may  be the case that your current strategy simply needs slightly refined. In other words,  spend your efforts where you’ll get the most ROI. You shouldn’t create a video simply  for the sake of creating a video. 

Unexpected changes 

When 2022 began, few of us could have predicted how the state of social media in  2022 would have played out. Elder Generation Y latching on to TikTok, the privatization  of Twitter, and the way that young people are shifting their expectations of consumer  interactions — none of these were on our collective 2022 bingo cards. 

That’s why we want to encourage you to be open-minded about the future. The state of  social media in 2023 is that there will be changes in the next twelve months. What  those will look like is anybody’s guess. Be flexible and be ready to adapt — that’s the  most solid advice we can give you on 2023 social media changes. 

The state of social media in 2023… 

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