What are Keywords and Why are They Important to Your SEO?

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What are SEO Keywords?

SEO keywords are specific words or phrases content creators fold into their website’s content. They’re one of the main elements of SEO (search engine optimization) and should be foundational to all your other SEO efforts.

The point of SEO keywords is to help your website and content find the right people – the people looking for it. Like the rest of your SEO strategy, keywords help connect searchers to your site.

Whenever you make content for your site, you should develop a list of keywords to include in that content. Although it’s an extra step, it’s well worth the time and effort to find the best keywords for your content. And keep them relevant to your site. Remember, it’s not just about getting people to click on your site. It’s about helping users find content that speaks to them and is useful in their lives. 

How to Find Your Optimal SEO Keywords

When it comes to finding the best SEO keywords for your content, expect some trial and error. It’s not an exact science and is very specific to your user base. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Just be sure to reflect on past posts and pinpoint successes and failures. That will help inform your future keyword choices.

Common SEO Keyword Mistakes to Avoid:

Only Researching SEO Keywords Once

Finding new keywords should be an ongoing, ever-evolving part of marketing your website. Lots of people think they can get away with not updating or expanding their SEO keyword list frequently (or ever), but this is a huge mistake. Current keyword trends reflect overall search engine trends, which means they change often. Keywords go stale just like anything else. Keep yours fresh.

Only Using Keywords That are Too Popular

Popular keywords are competitive. That means you run the risk of being one voice in a lot of noise, which makes it hard for you to find your niche in your user base.

Try replacing high-volume, competitive keywords (or “head” keywords) with long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords are less popular, but are more specific to your target audience. While they may generate less traffic than sticking to head keywords, the traffic they generate is more valuable because it’s more specific to the people looking for your site. 

Recycling Keywords Too Often

When it comes to keywords, diversity is key. You can’t stand out if you’re using all the same keywords as your competitors; your potential customers won’t be able to distinguish between their options. 

Instead, try using new keyword search tools, hiring an SEO expert to help you choose your keywords, and keeping track of your results. Experiment based on your own research. Who else uses the keywords you use? How are you making yourself stand out?

Keywords are an incredibly important part of SEO. But choosing the right keywords can also be complicated. For expert help choosing the best keywords for your content, contact us at Big Fish Local today.