Why Backlinks Matter and How to Get More of Them

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There are a range of SEO strategies you can implement to win the approval of the fickle algorithm. However, most SEO experts will agree that backlinks are an especially impactful method of boosting your position in the search result rankings.

Find out here what a backlink is, why they matter, and how to get more of them for your business.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is when another site links to yours. That means if you link to other sites from your own, then you have provided them with backlinks.

You probably intended to send some traffic, but you’ve actually done them an even bigger favor than that! Your backlink can help prove their credibility with search engines, which is why they’re so hotly in-demand.

Why do backlinks matter?

To answer this question, you first have to ask yourself why search engines have algorithms to determine the priority of their results. Couldn’t they just show all the potentially relevant results in any random order?

The reason they don’t is that it would be a nightmare for search engine users like us. We’d most likely have to sift through pages and pages of search results to find what we’re looking for.

The search engine algorithm helps determine which sites have the highest probability of answering the search query in the most useful way possible. Backlinks help them to do this effectively.

If a site is linked to many times from other sites, this suggests that the content it contains is legit. Backlinks act as an endorsement, saying “you can trust this website to meet the needs of your search engine users.”

What makes a quality backlink?

Search engine algorithms are now incredibly advanced, so don’t think you’ll get away with forcing any old website to include your link. This will be easily identified as spam, and doing this could affect your ranking in a negative way. Why? Because it makes your website seem less credible.

When crafting a quality backlink, a few things matter. First of all, does the link make sense in the content of the site? Is it relevant? If not, this will be a red flag for search engines. Other important considerations are the anchor text that is used and where the link falls on the page.

How to get more quality backlinks for your business:

A quality backlink will meet the following criteria:

Authority: It will be on a site that’s considered an authority in its own right on a particular subject. The more established, the better.

Relevance: It will make sense within the context of the rest of the site. It won’t be unnaturally inserted in a nonsensical way.

Trustworthiness: It will be placed on a reputable site, not one that has been solely constructed for the purpose of providing a backlink.

Of course, finding that kind of backlink isn’t easy! This is why many businesses turn to digital marketing agencies like Big Fish Local when they want to make a splash.

We know how to easily improve your search engine rankings through some well-placed and carefully thought-through backlinks.

If you’re ready to make waves online, contact the team at Big Fish Local.